How to make your real estate agent work hard for you

What is the secret to any relationship?


It’s not different with a real estate agent.

Sincerity, honesty, loyalty. Say what you want and what you need.

I think just working with one agent is a great choice, that person gets to know truly what you want, and may even anticipate your needs before you express them. In NYC there are a lot of things that are not advertised online. Those can be the best deals. But if bouncing around and just seeing things listing online is your preference that is just fine. It’s ok to want to play the field.

Also WE ARE NOT ROBOTS. I know Zillow/Street Easy allows you to put in an appointment time but please, just contact us and see what works for us. We are people with families and lives, we are not working in the office of an apartment complex all day.

If you decide we need to immediately run across town for you, perhaps offer to pay for the cab.

Are you in a group of roomates? Please get everyone on one page with all your wants and needs and then have everyone together for showings if humanly possible. Groups of 3 and 4 should have one person co-ordinate paperwork ahead of time. WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP YOU GET ORGANIZED.

So there are now people coming to NY for internships. In traditional real estate these short term leases are a lot of work and hard to find. They will almost always have a broker fee because most landlords will not pay us for a short term lease. I am always super up front about this. Consider co-living or even subletting.

The other day someone offered to pay me to find them a furnished short term lease. I got a landlord to agree to convert a listing, got a list of what they needed in the apartment, arranged a virtual showing. All of a sudden they told me they really wanted something with no fee and blew up the deal I was working on in the dentist chair!

That is cranky by the way. Honestly I will now be more reluctant to help anyone looking for short term. There is an old and ugly saying in real estate, buyers are liars. Don’t be that person.

Don’t put an agent in the middle of your family feud! I worked with a family all last weekend. Everything was very last minute, and there was conflict that centered on the selection of an apartment. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SOLVE YOUR FAMILY POWER STRUGGLE!! When parents and adult children are in disagreement hoping a real estate agent can magically be the mediator never works.

Tell us what is going on. If someone has an disability or emotional problem or mental illness we can adapt.

Just like you would with someone your are dating. Be clear about your needs. Be clear about your style of communication. Be reasonable in your expectations. If its not working out say so. Respect our time. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and that’s ok. Please if you say you are working on an application and you change your mind tell us.. Just be honest and respectful.

If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change.

I promise I will keep trying to make the world a better place and believing #kindness wins.

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