Coming Out of the Dark

It is finally here. Cue Gloria Estefan.

It is exciting, real estate is not a video business it is a property business. I hope people continue making videos of exclusives, it really does help narrow things down for the client.

But we now really get some work done, which requires, most of the times, showings.

So what should you do if you are moving to NYC?

Understand that we have pictures and videos of exclusive listings and some larger buidings that are open listings.

(Want to know the difference? I have a very detailed post!)

So before you get to town look at a some videos, learn what a post war vs a pre war apartment looks like. As always, learn the neighborhoods, learn the styles of buildings. Your agent will not be able to be as spontaneous, in many cases showings will have to be planned in advance. Don’t wake up on Saturday morning and decide an hour before your showing start that you want to change the agenda, it will be hard. Now more than ever we need folks to do homework before they get to NYC.

I do wonder if walk ups, townhouse units, and small buildings will be more popular or if people will go back to their old tastes.

We have a YUMMY new listing , tell me what street compares with Mott Street in July?

As always if you need to break a lease, find a place to live, or rent one out I am here at 929-429-0240!

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