up, up, and away

So it has been the craziest, strangest time in the rentals game I can imagine. Rents are not at an all time high, nor are fees, but the velocity is dizzying.

People are coming back to the city all at once, just like they left.

I always took a lot of pride in calling everyone who contacted me and giving them perfect service.

That is now HARD. People are frantically looking for apartments on a landscape that is uneven.

Two weeks ago I was searching for a place in Chelsea for some clients, agents were telling me they were swamped with offers OVER LIST PRICE, FOR A RENTAL. One even said BEST AND FINAL.

So it is not that there are no apartments, it is that big groups of people are all looking for the same thing, Everyone wants space to work at home still, some of the tiny apartments that people would consider are functionally obsolete.

Agents are also way too busy. I have heard this a number of times today, that people cant even get a response. I feel awful but I understand. Real estate is sort of clunky by nature, and right now we are overwhelmed. I am also showing a lot on the listing side and most of these renters are unrepresented.

Now you don”t need a tenants agent if you are perfectly qualified with a great budget. But I am seeing people struggle with qualification and I know if I was their agent I could have directed them and helped them.

The key. BE FLEXIBLE. Please . I see people stuck in a narrow groove of what they will consider, especially when it comes to location. Be open minded. Every single neighborhood in NYC can be a wonderful experience, I promise you. If your search is making you want to beat your head against the wall, change the parameters.

I worked with a lovely client recently, she thought she needed to move downtown, and what we saw was not inspiring. We found her a beautiful place right down the street she lives on now. It was meant to be,

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