Understanding Landlords: The true “secret” to finding the best NYC apartment deals

Mario Salerno made headlines last year as the landlord with a heart. He waived rent for his tenants during the first wave of the pandemic.

So on April 15 we are seeing the most curious rental market ever. Some landlords are back to pre-pandemic inventory levels, prices are going up, concessions are vanishing. (I will miss OP being nearly universal.)

So what gives.?

There are three things that effect whether a property rents or sells–




Everyone always forgets about access, but it is currently the key.

Each landlord has their own way of doing keys, applications, lease signings, payments. Some make it easy, some not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I respect traditional old school landlording, things were done for a reason that often makes sense. (Like a signed lease without money means nothing.)

But the easy to rent crowd is doing well. I had a lovely couple lose out on an apartment. Remember when getting a place was competitive? We are almost back there. Landlords who kick it old -school still have backlogs of inventory and frankly better prices.

I hate to toot my own horn, but work with an agent who understands landlords and you will get the most for your money!

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