The in-between time

So I have noticed that the “advice to movers” posts are timeless and the “state of the market” posts age really quickly.


I have this great desire to kind of explain what is going on now, because there is a shift.

There are still great deals out there. GRAB THEM. If you only need a place for a year there is still a chance to live in a FANCY building at a discounted rate, but even versus two weeks ago it is different.

Some landlords still have a big backlog of inventory, others all of a sudden don’t. I am seeing the bounce back in the bargain category. A month ago in midtown west there were still some large 1brs under 2k. Now not so much.

It really varies landlord to landlord. What people are looking for is different. Bedrooms for roomates are now doubling as offices and that is hard. Small studios linger. All of a sudden 3brs and 4brs are hot. I am seeing prices up 200-400 dollars in some cases. But some things that are hard to rent are hanging around.

So what I am seeing is an uneven recovery, it differs from neighborhood to neighborhood, landlord to landlord. I worry people will be frustrated that I cant get them what their friends got a month ago.

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