An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer

If you are of a certain age, the commercials for Syms are probably etched in memory.

That old tagline come to mind when thinking about the current NYC apartment rental market.

It’s true rents are down about 6 percent, and there are a lot of apartments out there.

But something else I have noticed is that when a client picks a place they are not alone. The best bargains, the best layouts, the best locations are not going unnoticed. There are no tumbleweeds.

So what is up?

I have been working quite steadily thought the pandemic. I kept waiting to get to do spring cleaning and catch up on TV. I just watched the Homeland finale last week. All those people who were home from work, zooming in their mom’s basement in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, and Miami used that time to look at apartments online.

As they head back to work and back into the market they are smart and decisive.

Why? We have completely changed the way people look for a place. The old method was make an appointment, pick up some keys, and go explore. The best deals often had no pictures, let alone videos, let alone 3-D’s. I always worked with people remotely, but I was the exception. Doing video chat was considered sort of a iffy proposition for agents.

Now most exclusives have videos, even floorplans, and people have been watching. They know what they want when they see it, and often will apply without even setting foot in NYC. The expectation of transparency is higher for better or for worse.

I sort of miss the exploring, the getting to see peoples reactions, exploring cafes and parks, an apartment in NYC isn’t just an apartment, it’s a ticket to a lifestyle, and that is hard to do on youtube. But the end result is folks who have spent 2-3 months searching and know a deal and what they want.

Speaking of apartments, I have some lovely no fee 2BRs on Lexington Ave. in Kips Bay/Murray Hill looking for their people!

If you need a NYC real estate agent call me– 929-429-0240

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