Making NYC a better place through real estate

Last year I spent Memorial Day by myself in a gutted about-to-close office.

My first broker had said,”Don’t take memorial day weekend off!”

So I didn’t. I had clients and did not realize that for the most part New York City real estate takes holiday weekends off.

I even ticked off a broker who I really respected calling during dinner. (Don’t disturb a frenchman’s dinner!)

My office was moving, and I was probably changing brokers, so it was a challenging time. I did get an application in Friday, another client applied then changed her mind, my MIT grads looking for a 6 bedroom turned out to be challenging, and I got to spread out my stuff on a folding table.

I find this holiday weekend even more unsettling. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, face to face showings are not allowed, and even the loopholes are tricky. Last month we did virtual deals, now clients are confused. Many agents are showing. I am competitive by nature and it is HARD to turn away business.

But I thought about my early days, and my belief that I can make NY a better place through real estate. I love showing off public gardens, art galleries, independent cafes. I love getting people to be part of a neighborhood where they can make a contribution to a community. And sadly, skirting the law to get a deal done doesn’t fit.

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